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This is really cool! I love how unique and memorable each snippet of lore is. I can easily use this companion for an adventure filled with travel, or as additional flavor for an NPC, a settlement or even entire land the heroes may encounter.

Even if each superstition is a few sentences at most, they're imaginative enough that you can almost glimpse a fully-realized world behind it. Perhaps my favorite are the beasts said to prowl beneath the earth...I'd be horrified to encounter the Beast Of Many Mouths in the dark.

I've added it now  : )
I hope it works according to your needs!

Thank you so much! I hope it gives you many fantastic play memories.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it ^^

As it turns out, a few kind people left reviews but unfortunately Itch does not display them. I hope it is alright I share them here.

@ClaytonNotestine says:

The Magus casts serious design magic. In addition to being a phenomenal solo rpg that makes you feel like a ruminating mage, it's also a feat in visual and graphic design. Momatoes has taken ethereal, moody artwork and made it crackle on the page. 

If you're looking for a reason to write and want it to linger ages after, I can't recommend this game enough

@PaulCzege says:

It's fantastic. I tweeted a whole thread about playing it here:

Thank you so much for this! looks amazing and useful.

Yeah. I'm learning CSP for drawing and Affinity Publisher for layouts, though admittedly I feel a bit lost when it comes to replacement for Premiere and After Effects. A lot of people who submitted for this jam exposed me to new tools I wouldn't have known about otherwise! It's always gratifying too to see more support for better, more sustainable tools and resources.

I was really excited to see how Florian would interpret this uniquely intriguing prompt. Somehow, they've built a Tarantino-esque game that moves smoothly between the past and present to tell a cohesive story of grandmas dealing with forgiveness...or revenge for their mobster past.

What's more astounding is that it does provide for plenty of leeway on the levity or seriousness of the game. While you can, yes, use it to portray scenes of grandmas defending angry cats with a gun, I can imagine any player building  a complex narrative atop this highly usable foundation. It's really neat!

Thanks for joining the jam!

42N8 allows me to finally justify the Magic 8-Ball I've stolen from my grandma's heirloom of 8-themed fortune-telling themes.

It's a quick, easy and funny way to write about justifying your stock purchases to imaginary clients...and dealing with their reaction. Truly, I am ready to bet all on HONSE in this witty game.

Thanks for joining the jam!

Hello Nate! As my past responses in this thread show, in my panic I only now realized I forgot to check this thread. That's on me -- but if you'd still like an image, please do message me on Twitter @momatoes and I'll fix you right up! (yes even if the jam has ended)

I'm so sorry! I didn't see this in time! Can you message me on Twitter? @momatoes and I can either give you a random, specially chosen stock image, or any image you desire :0

I'M SORRY D: I haven't given an image because I got genuinely distracted by other things. Could you message me on Twitter (@momatoes) and I'll give you any stock image you'd like? To make it up -- again, truly sorry.

Oh gods, oh no, I was going to give an image but I got distracted.

If you can PM me on Twitter, I will happily give you a stock image -- any that you'd like that I can grab from Adobe while my subscription is alive for the next 3 days -- even if the jam is over.

No worries ---- really, it matters more that you use the tools and make something that gives you joy rather than forcing yourself to an arbitrary deadline.

If you want I will doodle you a "made for #fuckadobe" ribbon you can put on your project page 

Reading the Quickstart makes me truly excited for the book. 

Beyond the wonderful art and layout, Crescent Moon is also delightfully written. I truly appreciate its gentle voice, that clearly guides the reader on the principles and flow of play. It reminds me of Quest, Wanderhome, but Crescent Moon also impresses me with how it develops a unique, possibly deep system of play.

I'm following this project for sure.

Did you just make a cosmic gender game that used Excel to check out internal math?

I think I may be in love. Alone Among the Stars is also such a good system, too.

(Thank you for joining the jam!)

This solo journaling game about being stranded in an increasingly bizarre and alien world contains 66 prompts. I'm mad. Only 3 more and it would've been Internet Meme™ approved!

On less jokey tone, however, I really appreciate the care you put into this. The prompts and events are engaging, interesting, and make for a lot of twists and turns. Thanks so much for turning the silly image prompt into a game that's genuinely good.

A beautiful death I'd love to stalk me. Thank you for joining and sharing this creature!

Very deep, brooding, poetic and sexy. Frankly such a provocative pamphlet adventure RPG should've been banned by the Vatican to protect the world. But now it's too we have, Mike Cockle the vampire.

(Thank you for joining the jam and your fun interpretation!)

I really enjoyed your unique take on the prompt image --- who would've thought we could have dreamed of starfaring civilizations? This star system generator also has plenty of essential prompts to help any worldbuilder.

Thanks for joining the jam!

Glorious. I may or may not steal some of these terms for the next version.

It's really exciting seeing the game evolve further - the one thing standing out in my mind is how stylish, violent combat can help you even in social encounters later on. I love Gubat Banwa's unique, singular vision and look forward to how it develops even further on!

Don't worry about it! Here is....inspiration

Thank you for your valuable input. Here at #fuckAdobeGame Jam, we take concerns seriously.

Our condolences for your family situation. We will sticky this thread to give your circumstances the attention it deserves. 

Best regards


Hey, no worries! Come join the P  I  L  E

I hope this wintery and spooky scene is sufficiently cool and nice. Please message me on Twitter if you need the bigger size!

Oh gosh oh no what have you done (message me on Twitter if you need the bigger version)

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Thanks for this, and I really appreciate your thought into linking it to advocacies that matter to you. I visited the link to the event; was really pleasantly surprised to know that the Chief Talent and Culture Officer was from the Philippines, too! 

In lighter news, beholding this image of a white man doing his best to look mysterious while holding the Wikimedia logo has made my day significantly feel more whimsical.

Yes, but only if you can handle its dark power. (Please do message me on Twitterif you need a bigger version!)

...and now I'm really intrigued about the history deep space balloon racing. I mean, aside from how the heck does it work, I'm dying to know why balloons in the first place.

I've never actually seen LaTeX layout work in practice, so thank you for this screenshot, too.

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Ready steady go
edit: Feel free to message me on Twitter if you need a bigger version!

craftswoman kneeling and clenching her fists

Well, there are dice sets made out of human bones...

I'm so happy to see this updated! I have an unused but beautiful deck of cards that would be perfect for kingslaying..

Hello again!

I'm neck-deep in projects and activities, and I'm thankful everyone has been quite patient with delays in sharing the prompts. If ever I take much, much longer than a day to give you a prompt image, message me on Twitter and that should immediately flag my attention!

As of now, I *think* I've completed e-mailing the big pictures to people who requested it.
If somehow I missed you, please do let me know.  And if you're wondering how to get a big version of the pic, please message me on Twitter too :0

Of course! Here you go :) Please message me on Twitter (@momatoes) if you need a bigger version.

Here you go! Please message me on Twitter if you need a bigger version.