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I like to make colorful things, so this goal was achieved.

I also improved my Game Maker drag and drop skills.

-The UI and The End are missing.

-The sounds for each scale are missing.

-Clickable effects like bubbles coming out of the fish, and eye closing are missing.

-Needs a better background.

-The scales do not go back to its original place when not matched, need to fix that, maybe assigning a profundity level for each of them (on Game Maker). Not sure if it is possible, as each pair is an instance of the same object, and the levels are placed on the object.

-Need to add an escape button to exit game.

-Need to add info.

-I need to make an alternate one button control for disabled persons:

  •  Clicking the button will make it select another scale, waiting will select current scale.
  • When scale is selected, just keep clicking until matching scale is selected and wait.
  • Both will disappear.

-I need to make also alternated keyboard control for blind persons.

  • Scales can not be seen, but each one has a random key (QWERTY and so on) assigned to them with corresponding sound.
  • When sounds selected are matching, they disappear (having silence or another sound on its place.)
  • When sounds selected are not matching, they make a Fail sound.

You are a great person! I would love to see this game finished and bringing joy to disabled persons!


Thanks. It costs us nothing and we still learn in the process. There are not many games thinking in people having a hard time controling the mouse or a keyboard, and some are really expensive, as it is a small market comparing to the majority of the gamers.