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The window for the extract keeps showing up every time I click to launch the game and I clicked to extract and still does it. 

So right now just no can't recommend that this is a proper game I mean to extract a game is already shady enough. 

If a game can't even launch from its installed browser (itch) is a failure.

I saw this game from multiple youtube channels who has played this and made video of the gameplay and I'm going to say word for word on certain video exactly what was in the video before I came here.

What you from me. You want me to perform a satanic ritual and sacrifice my baby child.(of course there was more I was just lazy to find the video again and type the rest)

(The bird man) subname from channel name

And now clearly understand why its a pain.

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So for the builds we've removed the need to extract the game. But  you'll need to delete the game from itch and reinstall it again to pick it up (don't look at us it's just the way it works.)

Appreciate the feedback anyways and we understand it can be frustrating but please remember this is a free game in a pre-alpha state! ;)