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I just finished playing each of the princes through once, and can I say...just wow. (Before I say anything else, I got Mer's first ending, then both Snow and Zel's second endings.)

First off, the art was beautiful. I really look at art style when I decide to read visual novels, especially ones with multiple routes, mainly because I know if I dislike the art style I'll dislike the story as well. But like I said, the art in this was lovely. I applaud the artists.

I'm going to give my honest opinion about the characters and the endings I've unlocked for them. To get Zel out of the way, I saw nothing wrong with him or his story, besides the fact I felt a twang of guilt for Charming's decision to *SPOILER ALERT* not go back to the kingdom to help out with the uprising. That wasn't necessarily a thing I disliked, and I certainly don't blame Charming or Zel for that matter for it. Besides, the second ending was lovely, and so was he. He is definitely the pure cinnamon roll of the group.

Next up is Snow. Ah, I loved him, though I had my doubts about his motives along the way, even up to the end. (Probably since I read Mer's route first and got the first ending. Gosh, that really put me on my guard, but I'll get to that later.) He was super sweet though, and though personally all the boys' backstories made me teary eyed, I felt a special something for Snow's. I truly thought he was going to be a womanizer throughout the story, but instead he turned out to be super duper sweet. Snow was great, truly. To me he's the life after love character I like.

Nowwwwwww...on to Mer, which I probably have to say is my favorite prince. I have a total biased to characters like Mer. When I discovered he couldn't really speak in the beginning, his little acts of kindess and reassurance to Charming, especially during their ball dance made me blush. I squealed though when it came to his oh so charming and sweet messages written on the illusion parchment, and from that moment on he was my favorite, even though I hadn't yet read Snow nor Zel's routes yet. The real only shaky thing for me was his story, however. I love the sense of drama and peril, especially when he almost kills Charming, but it almost seemed to turbulent for me. As well, even after Nicholl somehow figured out a way to save him (which I thought was rushed; it left a hole for me there in the plot, especially since the man tried to kill Charming and then a scene later they're happily married on the throne, everything resolved.) I still don't think Charming's character would still go forth with the marriage. Yes, she is kind, but the man was about to kill her to save his own life, even after declaring love. I'm not saying it's impossible, it just didn't work for me. All in all though, I loved Mer's character, even if his plot was bumpy at times. And don't get me wrong, his writing was MAGNIFICENT! I adore it.

All in all, I give LiD a 7.75/10 rating, and would recommend it to others. I'm going to go back and try to get the other endings. Kudos to the team, and I hope to see more great work in the future!

(Edit: Also, this might be just me, but I would totally pay for a Nicholl route. Like seriously, the childhood friendship romance thing always kills me.)


Okay, this game is officially now an 8.5/10 for me after going through the other endings.

Mer's second ending gave me chills. Absolutely amazing. It also makes up for what I said about the slight confusion of his first ending.

Snow's first ending made me sad but was lovely (even though it was bittersweet) and I enjoyed the honest aspect of it.

Zel's first ending was also great, and I don't have much else to say about it.

I enjoyed all 6 endings of the game, though to unlock some of them I had to pick some options I didn't want to. It was all in the sake of curiosity, though.

Once again, great game.

Hello! Thanks for all your comments regarding Lads in Distress! We're glad you enjoyed the game, and honored you took the time to write up such a long response @_@

Haha, yes, it seems like it's a common feeling about players that Zel is the cinnamon roll. You aren't the only one who felt guilty for not going back to Lunar Kingdom, so it's -possibly- something that will be changed in the expansion depending on how the storyline goes, but it's not certain yet. xD

I'm glad you liked Snow! I really enjoyed writing him as well. I hope you'll continue liking him in the final game! And I'm thrilled you liked the first ending even though it wasn't a romantic end. I really wanted a purely platonic friendship ending in the game and it fit perfectly with Snow's route so I ended up going for it even though I was nervous of feedback, so I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Mer's route as much, though ;o; And yeah, it seems like Mer's route is best to play last (optionally with a repeat of another bachelor's route afterwards), since it does tend to "poison" other routes x'DD Sadly, we didn't get to elaborate as much as we'd liked to have due to time & word count constraints. Hopefully his route will be less jarring for you in the expansion! Haha definitely glad (well, okay, maybe not glad per se) his second ending gave you chills! It's always great to learn that you helped evoke feelings in someone else x') Thanks again for your comments! We hope you enjoy the expansion!