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Hello! Thanks for all your comments regarding Lads in Distress! We're glad you enjoyed the game, and honored you took the time to write up such a long response @_@

Haha, yes, it seems like it's a common feeling about players that Zel is the cinnamon roll. You aren't the only one who felt guilty for not going back to Lunar Kingdom, so it's -possibly- something that will be changed in the expansion depending on how the storyline goes, but it's not certain yet. xD

I'm glad you liked Snow! I really enjoyed writing him as well. I hope you'll continue liking him in the final game! And I'm thrilled you liked the first ending even though it wasn't a romantic end. I really wanted a purely platonic friendship ending in the game and it fit perfectly with Snow's route so I ended up going for it even though I was nervous of feedback, so I'm glad you liked it!

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Mer's route as much, though ;o; And yeah, it seems like Mer's route is best to play last (optionally with a repeat of another bachelor's route afterwards), since it does tend to "poison" other routes x'DD Sadly, we didn't get to elaborate as much as we'd liked to have due to time & word count constraints. Hopefully his route will be less jarring for you in the expansion! Haha definitely glad (well, okay, maybe not glad per se) his second ending gave you chills! It's always great to learn that you helped evoke feelings in someone else x') Thanks again for your comments! We hope you enjoy the expansion!