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82% was my best :'( poor forest being burned

As always I most say I loved your game, your graphical style is incredible amusing, you use just enough shades and shapes, just the very needed to tell what is each thing on the screen, yet the simplicity is well applied and unified into every asset and the whole pleases the eyes... I could, and I'm, playing this for a bunch of time trying to figure out a strategy to make 100% forest survive, without any eye fadige... You're awesome <3

I'd suggest to give a better feedback of what's happening behind the screen, for instance:

  • Are the fire sparks being damaged? How much I still have to damage them?
  • How much time shall I spend watering the brushes? And the trees? Are there difference between their time?

Also I'd like to congratulate for the well designed feedback about the fire focuses, they are well positioned on the screen, not far away so that I had to lose the focus on the character, and not too close so that they would annoy. Thanks for this experience <3

@update almost there