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This game is super enjoyable and great re-play value. I love obtaining the outfits as a gallery option.

When I first started, I had a hard time with the Cliques, but I caught on later and managed them fine through the end. I can only wonder, though, how it's possible to get cliques maxed out (have yet to do this, but I've only done two playthroughs.)

Currently obtained Bae and Pran (still working on getting three of Bae's outfits) and so far, Pran is still my favorite. His obstinance for no reason makes it somehow amazing and I can never get tired of his date refusals every time the MC called (and the fact that he then always proceeds to show up later anyway?? Amazing.)

Pran also had some cute moments and since Pran didn't really deny things and always went out with the MC in the end, I felt like Pran really liked the MC (or, okay. Like I was free to interpret it that way since actions speak louder than words! :'^) Or something.)

I think I'm going to hit up Jeremy next and then I'll get to the "leftovers" (LOLLL BY THE WAY, I LOVE THE MC'S BIRTHDAY MEETINGS. For the second one in year 2, I was literally Nate. LITERALLY Nate the whole time.) All in all, this game is a blast in a half! I don't want to say too-too much more... I was going to post my reply/feelings on LSF, but here people might see it more, so. :'D

Aaw, thank you so much!! It's super nice to hear you liked the game C:.

To get a Clique to Max you gotta become good friends with the individual members, that'll get you big bonuses in Reputation (or just use a cheat, ahah).

Haha, yeah, Pran is very much an 'actions speak louder than words' kind of guy. He might as well be the poster child for it :'D.  Jeremy and the MC are literally the only people he'd ever go anywhere with so, regardless of what he says during the time with him, it's definitely a big deal. I hope you have fun with the rest of the guys!