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Hi, the game doesen t work for me,  its need an update but when open  the file its says some character doesen t work and i want to continue or quit. So i click on the continue and i get the patcher window but its say Fetching patch information... 1.03 and then nothing happens, it stucked forever, pls reply or update it.

                                                                                                                                      Thanks: Mark

Hey there - try grabbing the latest version from the games website (

Sorry for your troubles!

Its a good game but its lagging really hard, keep up the work if its dont have the lags it will be a good game, oh and idk the delay on the move is bcs of lags or bcs of options

Hey, lag on movement will be fixed next update - thanks for the feedback! :)

Hey there, we've uploaded a version that itch will keep up to date and can be better run through the game client.

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Thank your for helping me, its work perfect, u are a good man, keep up this amazing work :D