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Well, the first time that i learned about the existence of Dan Sanderson as a game developer was with his little gem which goes by the name of "Pacific" -a game which i absolutely loved!

Since that experience i've been following this dev for any upcoming games & updates, and today with "The Tomatoes Are 
Ok" i'm pretty sure that you became one of my most beloved indie game developers and i'm willing to support you (with what i can provide) on your journey as a dev! 
I hope to become able one day through Youtube , not only to inspire and make people laugh but also support even more people like you. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to access your work! I've made a Let's Play (hope it can be useful) 

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Very kind words dude. I appreciate it a lot. I'm glad you enjoy playing my stuff. I'm working on a larger game right now called K-129 [ ] if you're interested. Also I plan on submitting a little jam game for the Asylum Jam 2017 so keep an eye out for that. 

Your support really does help me to stay motivated to continue creating stuff so thank you a lot.