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I love this style, the tinier the better :P, Do you use a perticular palette (pico-8 for example)?

Love to look through pixel art and notice you have a particular style that appeals to me and if I were to use any of your sprites I would like to be able to expand on your style with the same palette.

Oh and "Credit is not necessary" that is very admirable to see when there are so many people who spend far too much time chasing credit, take downs or even legal action in some cases. However I would suggest if someone creates a game and has credits to at least pop the creators name under the graphics/art section out of respect.

I'd love to see a Love tutorial to see how to get a little platformer scene up and running (even just a single scene with no enemies, I have no clue where to start with Love even trying to follow tutorials, there seems to be a gap of steps to take to get things rolling in every tutorial that just leaves me clueless lol.

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Thank you.

I don't use any specific palette. I either stick with a palette for a project or just add colors as I go and try to not add too much.

This particular tileset uses 4 colors so it should be easy to map to anything you like. Pico8 version might e.g.  look like so:

Why not? This is one of the strengths of pixel art after all :) You can even change it mid game with a simple shader (and people do so since forever)

And yes, most people should be able to add something to it and it would still look coherent (which is imo much more important than looking good).

As for LÖVE: well, there is a lot of stuff out there to learn from but unfortunately I'm not aware of any comprehensive from 0 to a finished game course. This is a great idea for a side project :D (no promises).