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Woo! Thanks for playing!

I think the resolution issues are the most pressing thing for me now, since it seems like it's confuse everyone but I've internalized that system so much that I can't see the issue myself. I guess my main question is, since everyone has been playing as Ghost, does the confusion stem from planting bombs while doing his special? His special grants any two actions per turn, so you can move two spaces, plant and move, attack and plant, move and attack etc. In conjunction with bombs that can get a little weird since you can take three steps before it explodes if you plant right after activating it. It might be worth denoting how many actions you can perform or something... in some way.

Also if the confusion just comes from general play regardless of his special ability that's also something I need to address but that seems like more of a fundamental flaw.


When I play through later today, I'll see if I can record what I'm doing and comment on when it feels weird.

I'll see if I can get my kids to play through too, they'll be able to give "first time" comments and an age difference.

That would be awesome, thanks!