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Feedback from letting 2 of my kids play though (Caleb, 13 & Devon, 10).  There is a video/commentary from Caleb's second-ish playthough (I'll email you a link to it.)  Some notes from watching both of them play:

  • Too easy to skip things accidentally in the tutorial, Devon had to do it a couple times through.  Caleb died the first time in the tutorial because he pressed WADS too quickly without reading the screen.
  • First death always happens quickly.  Devon didn't understand getting hit by an enemy at first (it's not in the tutorial)  2nd play through he didn't understand that if he moves up to an enemy it will attack him immediately.  4th play though he got to the second level.
  • Caleb is starting to pick up the game and play through as different character.  Still trying to get the hang of each character, but has only played each once once or twice.
  • "How do you use a potion?" "Oh, it's automatic." "Why did that potion refill my health?"
  • "How much of this stuff can I blow up?  Will I find anything if I explode the walls?"  Proceeds to use bombs to no avail.
  • Caleb says it reminds him of Hack/Slash/Loot but different.  Same style, but a lot more interesting in that you choose different characters that do different things.

Andrew (16) was watching his brothers play and said "That looks like a really good game for being in Beta."  Put that on your box cover :D

They both like the game through and are likely claiming 2 of your remaining downloads (I told them they could keep playing as long as they didn't hijack my computer.)

When I play through later today, I'll see if I can record what I'm doing and comment on when it feels weird.

I'll see if I can get my kids to play through too, they'll be able to give "first time" comments and an age difference.

I've played through more then a few times.  Definitely agree with @Darius' comments re: getting the feel for the game.  I do not come from that rouge-like background so it's taking me a while to get the hang of it, but I keep coming back and getting a little further!

Also, I would also say I'm confused on some move resolution issues re: bomb vs bad guys.  I've been killed a couple times by someone that I thought my bomb would take out first.  Maybe just something to get used to.  The daily challenges are fun, right now it's the only time I play other characters, still trying to get the hang of the ghost, when to use bomb, when to use special powers, etc.  But like I said, enjoying it overall.