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The game is really cool, but I'm stuck at some point ..
I don't know what to do with the glasses you can screw and unscrew, and I can't find the code with symbols ..
I've been trying out everything for the last 30 minutes ^^
Thank you if you can help me get through this !

Hey Munliath, thank you for playing!


Yea, the glass panels turned out to be a little confusing for everyone, you are not alone with this :P The color of the panel and the color of the room should give a hint as to where the panels belong. You'll need to make use of Q and R at some point to correctly place them though. This will make more sense after you found the code with the symbols. The hint for the code is in the same room, you might wanna look for it in the dark though ;)

Let me know if you need more help!

Umm, okay, I see why I couldn't figure it out. So I need to find that code in the dark first.
For the code, I've switched the light off and looked at the message but i still can't understand :')


Try if you can translate the words to mathematical symbols ;)

Wow, I finally got it !
Thank you for helping, that was a really nice experience !

Sure thing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!