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I wonder what the CheeseMobile looks like now? :-)

You run into the strangest people in the strangest places... PS. Are you still in TASLUG?

Had to get rid of the Cheesemobile in 2012 :(

I stepped back from running TasLUG stuff in Launceston a couple of years back when we lost our venue and I didn't have time/energy to ramp stuff back up. Nobody else seemed keen on picking up the reins, so it petered out.


I'm happy to see your name popping up on all sorts of Linux and Open Source gaming resources on the net. My life has not changed substantially, I'm still playing Neverball and I'm still experimenting with Hackintosh (i7-8700 + RX 580 desktop & XPS 13 9360 - both dual-booting macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and Windows 10).

PS. I'm still looking for that custom T-Shirt with Gherkin of Hope, without love-heart, and with new text "Go for Gherkin!"

hehe... it's an in-joke between me and my younger brother...

Stay well, I'll see you around the internet again, I'm sure :-)