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Played this more than I thought I would, but didn't really *like* it. I think its more random than I realize, so sometimes I just happen to get an easier map and do better, and randomly doing better tricked me into playing it more.  I suck at action games, but still some hazards were way too hard. Brief invuln on hit would be nice, since a lot of the time i'd get hit, then fall into a second spike and die. Less momentum on jumping would give more control, I usually felt locked in to whatever direction I was going. But being luck based depending on what obstacle sets you get is okay, its like one of those old flash games where you fire out of a cannon and bounce off certain things that add to your speed. Its okay, but only if the reset speed is fast, and being forced to wait through a death animation and score popup that took a couple seconds wasn't fun.  Was a nice surprise to see how many cosmetic unlockables you had. 

to sum up: needs faster reset, better air control, and puzzles that can be navigated through rather than just hoping they don't spawn this run

Thank you for playing and providing feedback!

I really liked that you made a youtube video of your experience, it allowed me to see how you played it which is great feedback in itself.

I will make a fast reset option so you can get straight back into the action. I agree air control and especially level generation needs to be tweaked. I had a progressive level generator but i found it too easy for myself and thus not challenging so i added pure randomness to surprise myself but it looks like that's not a good fit for other players or casual players. I was also considering adding Extra helmets in the levels so if you knock your helmet off you can get it back and prolong play.  Thanks again for the great feedback!