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A cute game about a cute bear... hamster? thing?
Submitted by qutiestudios — 3 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline

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As there's no comment section in the game page I'll be posting feedback on here. There's absolutely zero player skill involved in progressing through your game as you don't allow the player to do so with the current controls. You're only allowed to push the hamster a set distance in either side in a hazardous stage in which those hazards are determined completely at random be it position or type. At the very least you've seem to have made some appropriate collision boxes/hitboxes except for one thing. If a single pixel of my hard hat touches a spike I'll instantly lose it(this is fine) yet if I'm flying hatless I still retain the same hitbox meaning near misses become instant deaths. Unfortunately that doesn't matter too much because this demo of a game is governed by luck and most likely luck alone with very little meaningful input from the player. I'm assuming this is a future mobile game given the nature of it, and despite having cute costumes and a focus on a cute character it won't cut for anyone else.  Regardless of your decision to make a mobile game alike(?), I wish you good luck on fixing and improving your game.

Here's also a 'good' run I have had which was attributed completely to luck.


Thank you for playing my demo and for the detailed feedback!

I agree the air control and level progression needs serious tweeking. I think hitbox hitting your hat might be a bug, the hitbox is supposed to be the same hatless or with any hat, it's just the same character collider, i'll have to look into it. The luck and difficulty problems i hear loud and clear and I'm going to change that for next build. Thank you again for your feedback!

Just to add I've seen your reply on the comment below mine concerning the video recording and I could perhaps provide you with some short clips of me playing it if my comment does not suffice or would add more to it.


Played this more than I thought I would, but didn't really *like* it. I think its more random than I realize, so sometimes I just happen to get an easier map and do better, and randomly doing better tricked me into playing it more.  I suck at action games, but still some hazards were way too hard. Brief invuln on hit would be nice, since a lot of the time i'd get hit, then fall into a second spike and die. Less momentum on jumping would give more control, I usually felt locked in to whatever direction I was going. But being luck based depending on what obstacle sets you get is okay, its like one of those old flash games where you fire out of a cannon and bounce off certain things that add to your speed. Its okay, but only if the reset speed is fast, and being forced to wait through a death animation and score popup that took a couple seconds wasn't fun.  Was a nice surprise to see how many cosmetic unlockables you had. 

to sum up: needs faster reset, better air control, and puzzles that can be navigated through rather than just hoping they don't spawn this run


Thank you for playing and providing feedback!

I really liked that you made a youtube video of your experience, it allowed me to see how you played it which is great feedback in itself.

I will make a fast reset option so you can get straight back into the action. I agree air control and especially level generation needs to be tweaked. I had a progressive level generator but i found it too easy for myself and thus not challenging so i added pure randomness to surprise myself but it looks like that's not a good fit for other players or casual players. I was also considering adding Extra helmets in the levels so if you knock your helmet off you can get it back and prolong play.  Thanks again for the great feedback!


For all the flack you caught for your player model, it works fine in game.

The whole "having next to no control over your jump velocity/parabola, just direction" made the whole precision timing and spacing deal straight off the bat to be a little tough for, I don't know, 12 year olds. Still, nicely paced.


Thank you for playing and the feedback! 


very qute, way too hard for this casual


Thank you for playing and the feedback! I will try to rebalance the game to make it more approachable for casuals!