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Didn't detect right ctrl, and my left one doesn't work so I didn't try out stuff like leaning or peaking, but thats okay because the most fun part was trying to depressurize the ship and suck everyone but me out into space. It took a second to figure out that you use "fire" to use the camera, not "use"but when I got the camera terminal/receiver up it hella lagged. Oh and I couldn't ctrl-c or ctrl-v to hack the terminals. But doing recon and luring enemies into a certain room with alarms or whatever, then sending them out into vacuum... that'd be awesome. I got close in the second video but it warped me though the door to kill me too :( Or the vacuum was so great i got sucked through the six inch gap in the second before the door closed. But for planning purposes I feel like I can't see enough of the map at once. First vid is general gameplay, second is where I deliberately tried to depressuze to win

Thank you for these videos! I was aware of the camera bug but it appeared at the last minute and didn't have time to fix it.