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Space key sometimes works for jump, but not always? Made it feel buggy. Faster reset for the cog puzzle, it felt like mostly a guessing puzzle, so a quick reset would be nice. The cutscene scripting seems solid, and the timing/motion feels right. Some dialogues are too long. I'd prefer a normal third person camera movement with RMB, or at least change MMB to something less painful/more natural to use to realign the view. 

But pretty good overall! I was a little disappointed there wasn't more content because I remember seeing other environments being posted. But its got movement, cutscenes, dialogue, puzzles.. you could definitely make this into a thing. Also the character design of the aliens looks nice. Got a copyright claim on the music

Yeah I had wanted to disable the space key for jumping in general and just use the mouse but I guess I forgot to disable it completely.  I'm currently working on a new camera system since that seems to be the biggest issue people have.  But thanks for the comment!  Weird about the copyright claim though, the music I used was from looperman and all their loops are royalty free and can be used commercially.  Have to look more into that.

To clarify, I don't mean I got a copyright strike, just that youtube said:

Your video has copyrighted audio that may affect its availability or result in ads being shown. While no action is required, if you wish to edit your video to address this, then you can attempt to remove the Content ID claimed song (below), or overlay new audio (right).