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Yeah camera was changed because it was giving me too many issues, and the workload is decreased quite a bit when I don't have to worry about the player viewing all of the game object from all directions, as well as not having to worry about any kind of objects/skybox in the distance, as there is no distant view with this kind of angle.  Yeah there was a jump button in the demo before, but along with not having to worry about players getting where they shouldn't and spending time making collisions that work properly, I decided that the gameplay doesn't really require jumping, and when it does, and auto jump should work fine in place.

There's definitely less of an opportunity to explore everywhere, which is obviously worse for the player, but it really lightens the burden on me.  After the last demo I decided that the workload was too much for myself to get the game out in a reasonable time, as I objectively looked at how little was done for the amount of time I worked on it.  I was going to call it a wrap until I decided to do whatever I could to make it easier for me while still retaining the core of the game I had imagined.  So yeah, it summary it needed to be done to save the game.

Thanks for playing it though!

Thanks for the video review!  Sorry about the camera too!

Yeah the interaction move was just meant for if you see a spinning blue node on the ground, click to interact with it.  Papercraft is a neat idea but it's already been done a lot better than I can do it.  Not to say it shouldn't be tried, but I'm just going to stick with the artstyle I've developed for now.  

Yeah the rock isn't meant to be moved, atleast in the demo.  You'll be able to come back to it later in the game when you have a different moveset that'll allow you to destroy it.  Yeah the gears is from the earlier demo.

I don't know what you mean by rude ending.  But thanks for trying it out and giving me feedback!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback.  I knew I was having trouble with collisions along with the jitteryness that came with something like running against a wall, but was hoping it wouldn't be that bad and I could work around it a bit.  Just went through and re-did most of the collision system, so it's a lot better now.  Also forgot to mention in the demo you can press x and y to invert the camera controls

Yeah I had wanted to disable the space key for jumping in general and just use the mouse but I guess I forgot to disable it completely.  I'm currently working on a new camera system since that seems to be the biggest issue people have.  But thanks for the comment!  Weird about the copyright claim though, the music I used was from looperman and all their loops are royalty free and can be used commercially.  Have to look more into that.

Thanks for the comments man.  About the mouse, a main feature of it is to shoot projectiles for attacks/abilities, it interacting with the environment in other ways is more of a secondary use.  I agree that if it was just used for that, it would be pointless.  But I didn't have enough time to add in attacks unfortunately.  having the cam be controllable with the MMB may be the only solution unless I can come up with a radically different control scheme