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beautiful. this game is just wow 😭

(minor spoilers)

i first downloaded this game thinking nothing much of it, but this game truly surprised me with how thorough and atmospheric the plot was. i finished mikail's story all in one go, and i admit i was especially lost during the tunnels. it was embarrassing as i couldn't exactly grasp the concept, but i managed to scrap through it, so im fairly happy with the ending and epilogue i received. ilyon is absolutely wonderful. i've fallen in love with his character and all the decisions that ultimately lead to what he truly believes in. it's nice how the mc of a story is actually logical and able to think for themselves. this isn't something i'm used to, but i certainly welcome it. and dare i say mikail has left an unforgettable impression on me as well? he has a solid character build, and i adore his little remarks from time to time. they tangle with ilyon's and it's cute to see them banter haha. they have become the objects of my affection.

the amount of depth and knowledge i have gained from this experience is phenomenal. i'm not a very bright individual, but i can't help but dwell on the subjects that were touched on during the plot. it's pleasant to read through them and formulate your own opinion whilst also deciphering what ilyon, mikahil, and noctisse felt at times. which was hard since im not exactly skilled at figuring out stuff 😪yeah it just caused me to think over the entirety of my life choices.

don't even get me started on the art style. it's divine. i love it so so much. i don't know what way i could specifically describe it but the artwork truly brings everything to life. everyone is gorgeous my brain can't handle it. !!! btw the little animations that cause them to sway back and forth is appreciated and i really am just in awe with the game over all. there's so much more thoughts i wish to unload i think i might as well write an essay on this game lol 

i only got a glimpse into keska's route so i'll definitely finish hers tomorrow!!

also do you ever plan on making this game not free? honestly i feel a bit spoiled as i just played through this masterpiece with no fee whatsoever. 


the music was great too!! there's a lot to unpack but it really fit well with the scheme of the game


I am eternally grateful to my long time friend Kerry.  Music and sound is one area that I am completely clueless.  Her contribution really helped with the mood I was going for.  I'll pass on your compliment, thanks!

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Ah thank you so much for taking the time to write out your thoughts  (and all the generous praise, you're too kind).  And I'd love to read an essay someday lol.  I grew up with more passive kind of literature, so I'm still struggling to be more direct and clear.  I'm afraid that my writing might still come off as convoluted.  If you feel spoiled by this free game, I am happy to be that random grandma figure who spoils XD others.  I'm fortunate enough to be stable at this moment in my life.  My goal in this project was to create a quality experience for that one person who might need a bit of reprieve from their everyday struggles.  If you'd like to support this game, please help me spread the word so that it can reach that person.  I appreciate you. <3