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hello :) i downloaded it but i cant seem to find the icon to  start the game ; am i missing something?

The file to play the game is called "nw-app". it's an executable black icon. Sorry, I forgot to rename it when I updated the game.

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i looked all over but i  cant find it , i thought maybe it was hidden but its not that either, i downloaded that mac version and there i see some different " nw-app" thing , im on windows 10 so i dont think i could play a mac version ?  the drawing/art from the screenshot looks beautiful  even if i cant play it

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If you are using windows 10, please download the windows version that corresponds to you system (32-bit or 64-bit). The mac version is only for apple computers. I will check my files when I get home to make sure


thank you very much :)


I check the files and it is the "nw-app" file. Happy playing!

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no matter how much i look for it i cant find it im not sure why , i been checking your other games ,played the rabbit game and i have no problem with it and im about to try out the other they both have the nw-app  but  miyabi does not have it , im sorry to trouble you with this


Hello, sorry for the super late reply! I've replaced the files and it should work fine now. Thanks and happy playing!


thank you very much it works  :)