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The game is in development, but version 2.3 is a monster. 

Collector - the goal is to collect photos. 
The victim is to survive , to escape , to be careful because every noises will appear to those who will play for the monster

If you have ideas for multiplayer contact us

 - translation the Google translator

So, the Victim is a sort of bait for the Collector? And the Collector and the Victim work together? And also, the monster can be a IA or a player?

No! the victim and the collector is two modes for multiplayer. 

Only in single player bot IA , in network mode the bot is your friend , which will need to hide :)

Oh right okay! It would be great if there is a co-op mode with a AI monster ^^

It will be , but in version 2.3. You can play 3 players at once. 2 player is surviving , and 1 player is the monster. But the multiplayer will not be survival against a bot because the game is very short... and designed for a single player and the multiplayer is gratitude for donuts :)

Oh right, thank you for responding, you are good guys! I think i gonna donate for you :)

Just one thing, i wanna help you for the french translation! Because i'm french and I wanna help you :)

This is good news :) 

Let's charge in Skype or decode or telegram?

Sure, my skype is "dalmatien41" (Yay i know it's a weird one, add me and we gonna see what we can do :3)