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Hi there! I just started playing your game yesterday, and I love it! It's so cute and fun, and the story is intriguing! I just have a question about the statue in the swamp though. It's after the white-haired character falls asleep until nightfall. I put all five stones in the statue, and then it says that nothing's happening. I've tried using and combining the other items in my inventory, and I've walked around the swamp multiple times to see if anything else would work, but no luck. I'm just stuck.

Hey. Glad to hear you enjoy the game so far. :3

Here is a hint: The statue has a name. And you can find an item that has it written on it.

(there is also a walkthrough inside the game's folder. Might be faster than to wait for an answer. :3 )

Thanks for the hint, I'll try it out! Also, I just checked the game's folder and couldn't find the walkthrough (I downloaded the English Mac version).

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Ah, nevermind! Just finished the game. I'm happy with the ending I picked T_T Such an amazing game!!

Huh, strange. (I didn't make the Mac version, but glad to see it actually works. xD ) I'll upload it separately for future players. Thanks for the notice.

And aaaaaw, thank you. <3