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I really enjoyed this! Played it once a couple weeks ago and mulled over the results and played again this morning. Am amused that in both runs Mr Mauve was a stooge and Lady Lilac definitely a cop. The music selection is 👌 and I love it as a mechanic for judging time spent (12 minutes of interrogation in second game) I keep bouncing between “why aren’t the mechanics more enforced” and enjoying the chill-ness as if it were an in-person game. Like the freedom to messily place cards as I wish - wish I could draw some string between them like a real conspiracy theory board :D

While I’m not sure I’d play this one a third time, I like the format and could imagine enjoying other scenarios

Thanks so much for checking it out, glad you liked it! There's probably a nice middle ground between having the computer do the rules and doing them yourself. I'll have to explore that more. The red strings would have been a great addition!