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Thanks so much for checking it out :) Writing the rules in a way that they're fun and not confusing to follow along with is definitely a new skill to learn, but I think there's a lot of potential for beauty there. It reminds me of writing code for computer games, but the artistry in code gets totally hidden from the player.

Dead MMO osts

I definitely plan to make a physical game :)


Thanks so much for checking it out, glad you liked it! There's probably a nice middle ground between having the computer do the rules and doing them yourself. I'll have to explore that more. The red strings would have been a great addition!

Thanks so much for checking it out :)

i was almost a jack sandwich


Apple (Green)




Entertainer (the joker)

Feline (cat)

Giraffe (brown animal with long neck)



Jester (cartoon)




Nice Apple (with face)


Pachiderm (elephant)

Quokka (brown creature with cute face)

Raspberry Ice Cream



Unabomber (hooded figure)

Vanilla Ice Cream


Xehc (Chex spelled backwards)

Yew (tree)

last one will be the only one left.

incredible animations. your style is really well developed and kewl. when i started this quiz i was a hentai baka, now i am a hentai otaku. thank you for helping me learn :brain: :zap:


Really beautiful piece. I always love games with these simple, intimate voiceovers, though I'd never be brave enough to do it for my own games. This game made me feel the tension between how we remember spaces and how we build them in games- the dry list of Objects, drawn simply onto cubes, but then furtively interspersed with memories of how the spaces were used and their history. There's no humans here, or even "environmental storytelling" as you'd expect. Without those little peeks behind the curtain in the voiceovers that hint at the emotional content of the space, it would be purely functional, like a sketch a mover would make to figure out what goes where. 

I squatted 33.8 kj!!!!

thanks for checking it out, glad you liked the gfx. an easy intro would have been a good idea. I had wanted to make the difficulty increase as you went, but it meant more work to balance the difficulty curve, and I ran out of time / patience. It's like flappy bird, that's my excuse. 

Thanks for checking it out! Do you get any error on the Windows  version? Someone else reported it not working on windows but it works on my end.

great car model and colors. I was thinking, "pretty good driving controller so far, the drift button should probably do more" then I hit a tree and went flying all over and laughed a lot. Excited to see if you do more with it.

This is really cool. The myriad ways that Unity decides to z-order sprites made it so I kept noticing new features to places I had been already. It felt almost like a procedural generation effect. I'm curious to see how it changes if you keep adding to it.

this owns, my favorites were square and colored circles

Super sick gfx and sounds

Beautiful game. I have to say I would be pretty embarrassed to tell Hippo that I come into their shop every day while they're asleep and just look around a bit. 


this whips ass

I like to separate my third party plugins from the rest of my assets by putting them into an `Assets/Ext` directory. When I do this with Doodle Studio,  it doesn't work. It looks like Doodle Studio is trying to import various resources (textures, settings files, etc) from paths that assume Doodle Studio will remain in `Assets/Doodle Studio`. It'd be nice if it was more clever about figuring out where the Doodle Studio directory is and importing those files relative to that.

Thanks for checking it out, especially after it's been gathering dust for so long! I'd love to get back to it at some point. It was one of my first forays into 3d game dev and looking back on it really makes the missed potential stand out.

I like that you have exactly three ghost bullets, one for each villain, and that each bullet has a face and you get to choose which one to fire. And then the process of stepping through the bullet manually. There's a wonderful deliberateness here, as if this precise encounter between these 4 people was planned out perfectly and pre-ordained. But it takes place on the SW corner of a map, so it isn't "this is the entire universe, in which there are 4 people, and you kill 3 of them," it's a perfect moment in an otherwise, perhaps, messy world.

I love the backstory! It's the kind of equivalence that could only exist in a culture with 8-bit pixel art- the stars becoming confused with the brown speckles in the sand. The phrasing of the controls gives it a kind of mythic quality... "He would move with the arrow keys." He would, if he existed. Does he? Well, kinda!

This feels very familiar from my time playing Oregon Trail. Lost in a maze of different states, laboriously exploring the different horrible ways that everyone can die. I like that the scenes are really spread out and isolated from each other, as if the causal connection between different timelines is specious.

Lovely game. I never in a million years would have associated constellations and polyrhythms. I would have liked to draw my own constellations and have the computer figure out what the beats should be like based on what I drew, though. It's not often you see constellations in the form of regular polygons.

Really beautiful game. I loved the diner-wallpaper-textures on the daylight canyon and all the audio, especially the wilting, haunting song in the finale and the crickets in the supermarket parking lot. I also liked the low gravity in the fire scene- floating down over the burning building was a very surreal, out of body experience. Very expressive of that kind of sudden, disbelieving panic.

For the future, you don't need to include the .pdb files when you bundle a Unity game. They're for debugging and you can make your download size quite a bit smaller if you leave them out.

I wish I had known about this mod before I started this project, it looks super cool. I love that they use those concept-symbols from the end of Myst 3.