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The last thing I was going to add was to make it so if you zoom in with right click close to something it'll plant a little kissy on it, but it turns out you can't raycast onto sprites and I wasn't about to add colliders to all the six zillion unorganized game objects. sorry for depriving you quasiotter :/

this is really lovely. The enemy designs in particular I really enjoyed. The bouncing clown guys are so bizzare and a nice introduction to the central conceit of touching things to hurt them, unless they hurt you. The game is full of really cleverly designed aspects whose simplicity hide the fact that it's actually quite a difficult game. 

I gave up on the second boss, I thought since I could skip the first one that might be a theme, but that wasn't the case. The prospect of grinding more to level up didn't really appeal to me, though I do really appreciate this style of inventory system, where you feel that with particular combinations of items you might prove yourself to be much cleverer than the game. It's pared down here compared to clockwork calamity, but IguaRPG has an economy of design that arrives at the same feeling with far fewer thingamajigs.


Hey thanks :)))

cute music, lovely colors, and a mystical secret. what more can a fella ask for

another wonderful one. highly highly enjoying this arc of games you're on. I often find myself struggling to fill up 3d spaces but you not only do that but fill them up nested such that poking your head into any given space has surprises waiting for you. love love

Lucidly imagined and dense with secrets. I really enjoy your games' design philosophy

cute little somthin, love to see games in this style

This was super cool. I really liked the mechanic of getting off of your boat into a 2d world, though I wish it made your 2d world face straight forward so I could line it up better. I think that's what the "zoom out" powerup was meant to help you with- figuring out how to get a coin that's to your left, but I think I could have preferred trying to line up multiple coins I could see and try to get them all in one go.

I played until I drove off the side of the map. The wiggle effect made my screen render as blank, and when I got to the end screen, it was also blank and the text didn't render. There probably is some more fun lore here but I didn't get to see it. I also enjoyed exploring below the water as a dead cat, plunging into the ever deepening depths. The towers on the horizon and the sinking depths give some nice cthulhu vibes.


tytyty for stopping by :))

always love to hear from a silly little guy appreciator :) Thanks for checking it out!

aw i love you, burgercopter 🍔🍔🍔

Glad you dug the world, at least :)


Very nice chill game, and the music is just fantastic :))


Thanks for checking it out :)

This was a wonderful, touching little game. I liked the contrast between the simple, wistful and wise tater tot npcs and the constant state of paranoid tension that the swordsman lives in, and how the interaction between their two ways of living brings about so much pain. The music really ties everything together, too.

Thank you so much for checking it out :DD I too hope that if I keep listening, I’ll hear the universal beat. Maybe one needs, like cats, dogs, cows, sows, and all the other quadrupeds, one needs to have “four on the floor”

wowow, thanks so much for checking it out and the kind words :) I've been getting a big kick out of your games lately! Level design is such a bugbear, it's definitely one of the times I'm glad I make silly little free games so I don't feel coerced into making "content" - very liberating.  I've really been enjoying this youtube guy's videos on funny little places in games: 

also if you get a chance check out "Zang Zurfers": that looks like a self plug but it was originally a game by . 


lovely! wonderful moment of realization after I fell through the ground and then decided to try out the 'b' key. Music choice makes for a very nice atmosphere.

tytytyty!! Why would I ever want people to leave though? >:)


Thank you for the kind words :))

I'm curious why you're perceiving so much lag on the lute. I double checked the audio and there is a pinch of air before the sound plays- about .031s worth / about a frame- just perceptible but shouldn't be too hard to work around, I certainly never noticed terribly much when I was testing, but I'm not a musician so I'm not well attuned to that kind of thing. About how much latency would you say you're perceiving? And what OS are you running on? I wonder if some setups might introduce more latency than others.

Thank you for playing and for all the kind words tunegoro :) I'm glad you liked it!

what a pleasant space to walk around in. I particularly liked the big swooping metal bridges between areas, and feeling all the materials with my feet.

Thanks for checking it out :-)

Thank you ❤️❤️

I think it's squared away now, there was something misconfigured on my end. I don't have any other donation streams, you should go get yourself some boba

damn this song slaps

it is a mystery to all but those with the biggest monitors..........

Thanks for checking it out :)))

i'm loving it

very puzzling....

I destroyed nothing in my path and I loved every second of it


Very intriguing game. Love the vibe. The piano playing sfx for the main guy were really nice. I was about to give up on it cause I thought the big slide was all there was, but I'm glad I didn't. Now I don't really know how many secrets are snuck in here. Definitely want to come back to this

a place where from each expanding threshold burgeons majesty, where slowness is exalted