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Yeah. There are problems and we didn't manage to implement instructions also and test most implementations. It all kind fell apart just before the end of the jam, but it will improve if you'd like to check it out later and judge the concept :) Thank you very much for downloading and check back for updates if you'll have the opportunity :)

By the way - what resolution are you playing at?

I downloaded the mac version and was playing on 1366 x 768

Just replayed the updated version, it's working much better and a lot more fun! I love the concept, it was a little difficult to control, but I think thats the point. Great game :D


We've updated the game with new controls :)

We value your opinion, so if you've a minute please check it out :)

It's so much fun with these new controls!!! I actually got to the whale! Thank you so much for updating it!