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The browser version works fine for me, but the downloaded version has an issue where every so often the graphics will freeze but the rest of the game (sound, characters leaving and entering, Y/N/Space, saving, etc.) carries on as per normal, I just can't see what's going on because the graphics are stuck in the same place. This is an issue I have had with a few games so I'm thinking it might be whatever engine the game uses or something similar to that as I have made sure all of my drivers are up to date and I am on the latest version of windows 10. (Which I also may be a cause for this as it started after the update to windows 10). My laptop is the Acer Aspire E-5521. Other games that this happens in include Crossout, League of legends, Yandere simulator, Unturned, Half-life, RWBY Grimm Eclipse, Terraria, Skyrim, Goat Simulator, Everything (that's the title, just to clear up any possible confusion), Golf With Your Friends, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Kindergarten. I don't expect you to research all of these games obviously, but I didn't want to leave out any information that could be helpful. Thank you in advance.