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It's pretty well made, kinda wish you could attack upward though, pretty much agree with what khryse has to say for the most part. I'd suggest making the attack prompt to be more obvious, I didn't notice it the first time through and figured it out on my own a couple screens after I was supposed to. Maybe I'm just dumb.

The boss has way too much HP, especially one that you can beat by camping in one spot for the first two phases. It took me a good dozen tries, but it got boring near the end once I figured out you can shoot the projectiles, and his slamming attack has a couple openings that are never touched. It's a good boss, just a bit lengthy for what it was.

Also, I really really wish there were joypad controls.


Like is an understatement of what I think about Castlevania. :)
I'm sorry there were no Joypad controls. I'll add them for the next demo day though.
Thank you for the feedback!