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Well first to make sure, afterdownloading the exe file for the full game you're making sure to run it to extract it and aren't trying to use some external program like winzip or 7zip to unzip it correct? As the full game file will extract itself once run and is how you're supposed to extract it, sorry if the instructions were unclear!

If that's not your issue I'd advise trying to download the full game instead from either our main site or GameJolt page, for some reason various people run into all sorts of errors whenever they try to download from one of the sites we host the game on (it happens every time they download from the site and all three sites have the problem on occasions) but it seems to clear up whenever they try a different site!

Hope that helps!

thanks downloaded from the main site and it works now

Glad to hear! Hope you enjoy the game! Let me know if you have any other technical issues!

I'm loving the game with only one minor problem in the form of the sound not working at all otherwise keep up the good work

The sound's not working? Is this just in a few specific areas or the entire game? If the entire game, check to see if you've got some headphones plugged in, then check your volume mixer to see if the game is specifically muted (or if your computer is muted entirely). If it's none of those try opening the menu in-game then going to the options menu and see if any of the volume bars there are at 0. If it's specific areas in the game please let me know which and/or where and I'll look into it!

Glad to hear that you're otherwise enjoying the game! We hope that part continues at least!

It's the whole game it happens with and without headphones with the volume in game and on my computer at max

And you don't have RPG Maker VX Ace games specifically muted in the volume mixer (right click on the volume icon and choose 'Open Volume Mixer' to open it, it lets you customize specific volumes for specific programs)? If it's not that's really weird.... Some people have reported issues where they accidentally had a bluetooth controller or something plugged in that caused problems for them so I'd advise checking if you've got a similar thing with some headphones you didn't know were plugged in? Otherwise my only suggestion would be to try to download the game from GameJolt, move over your save files, and see if that fixes the problem.... I'm really sorry that you're having issues with the sound here, I'll keep my eyes open for other solutions!