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So, it was a pretty cool concept game and your thought process behind the game was really apparent and it showed the depth of thinking really well! The loop in a loop concept still is really cool to think about even after completing the game (I think I completed it at least.) Video below if anyone is interested!

The gameplay itself was really simple and was straightforward, and hats of to you for making the infinite hallway lop just so smooth and trippy at first. The 'puzzle' with the heads and the altar was simple and well mad enough to change up the gameplay a little and the ending was pretty cool actually. 

My only suggestions would be to make the person on the speaker a lot louder as it's super soft, and I missed it at first and didn't know what to do because of that. Or another way of tackling it would be to maybe make them repeat the line every two minutes or something. Oh and at the beginning, maybe making the lock more visible on the chest would be a good idea; I was confused at first as to what to interact with.

Also I broke the game a few times because of a few bugs in there, so thought you might want to know about those... I somehow managed to merge the altar room and the very first hospital bed room together. And if the player moves at the same time as interacting with the lock, the get pushed back, and in one instance, I clipped through the wall by doing that.

Other than that, I think it was a pretty great and fun little short game and you did a great job on it!

Thanks for playing the game and letting me know about the bugs!

Sorry but I cant see your video btw

Sorry, I think I deleted it by accident. I edit my comment with the link.