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Survey: What were the moments of the half life saga that you liked the most?

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Well, if I am being honest, my favorite part of HL2 was being in the combine citadel. I think that the extra look Episode 3 gives you into the Combine homeworld/invasion station is one of the most intriguing parts about the episode. I think that giving the player one last in depth look at the combine will be greatly satisfying, seeing as it is likely we will never get a true explanation for the G-man.  The Combine's motives are almost as mysterious as G-man's.

As for Half Life 1, my favorite part was the beginning, just before the resonance cascade. It's very intriguing to see the world returned to it's normal state after playing the entire half life series.


Well I'm making the Combine arctic base similar to the interior of the citadel seen in HL2 and HL2 EP 1.
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But the initial idea is that the game ends when you see the dyson sphere. Maybe the player will not be able to see the world return to its normal state.