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The art is simple and very good, bringing the MS Paint vibe. I liked the bazooka cat sprite a lot! =D

The music is great and combining with the art, and the sound effects are good too.

The levels are very good, I liked the type of enemies and the challenges!
Sometimes I got surprised by the enemy who comes bouncing just after entering a room. Perhaps it could have a delay time before start moving.

The commands are good, but sometimes I confused the K button with the J button.
If I press the fire button too fast, the player stops firing, and only starts to shoot again when I turn to the other direction, throwing at the same time all the shots that should have come out.

Congratulations for the game, it's very good!! I had a lot of fun playing it!


Thx a lot for your comment^^ I knew some bugs but i didn't have enough time to really improve certain things because i had only like 2 days or so ;/

I'm very happy to hear you liked it!