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So I have to say that this game is not worth it from the start to the end of my play time I keep asking my self what the hell am I doing and what is going on 2 questions that you should never have to ask when playing a RTS. The building is lack luster and give you no feedback on what going on, Troop command and movement its beyond bad your troops can get stuck on each other and telling them to attack anything is unresponsive as they will stand there for a few second before doing anything. Now the graphics are good and the music is good as well its not a horrible game it just need a lot of work  

I completely agree. This game will get complete mechanics rework later this year. I still want to make good RTS, but as you wrote this needs a lot of work to make it good. Thank you for playing and hopefuly you wil try it again when it is fixed.

I look forward to seeing the game improve