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I am so glad you liked our game! This was created for a 3 day game jam where the theme was "rituals." You may be pleased to hear that we plan to continue to work on this game until it is the game we envisioned when we started. About an hour before the deadline for the jam, we created some unfortunate bugs (hence Q, E and F don't do anything), so we hope to fix that and add in more paper and scissors.

And by the way, your video was HILARIOUS. Thank you so much for taking the time, it really feels good for us to see people enjoying what we've created.


Aha thank you so much! I look forward to seeing the improvements 💛

Hi, Angelique! We've continued to work on Handsy since the game jam and we just released a demo of what we were able to achieve in ~3 months (as beginners, of course). You can check it out here:

Thanks again!