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I like the neon-blur visuals and the overall handling but some things need tweaking:

1. It would be nice to be able to delete specific parts in the editor (or maybe I didn't figure out how to do it yet).

2. If you put more than a few accelerators, the bullets start tunneling through the enemies, making it impossible to hit them. Depending on what kind physics engine you use, I suggest using time of impact solving or casting a short ray behind the bullet to always register an impact.

Thanks for the feedback

1 is now in the game.

2 is fixed, at least as much as i can at the moment.

Nice. Being abled to delete specific parts makes editing the guns a whole lot easier!

Also, the bullets stopped tunneling but they now go all over the place. Is this because I didn not put on enough barrels (recoil)?

Well yes and no, there was a bug i didn't notice before in terms of accuracy and recoil. Basically you're either accurate, or inaccurate. Nothing in between. So basically, if you added more barrels you should in theory reach the point where it will always be 100% accurate.

I have already fixed this i just haven't published the build yet (I have to disable a feature i was working to do so).