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Hi, I was lucky enough to win your game from the RPS competition and am very glad I did: it's a wonderful thing and is already promising to hold my attention longer than other train sims. I'm not overly familiar with how to drive these trains (although looking at what cab controls are being moved, and when, in simple mode is helping to fill in some gaps) and not at all familiar with signals, speed limit sign placement and when the new speed takes effect; and was wondering if you could recommend a good online source of information. If you don't have such information at hand please don't trouble yourself: don't want to needlessly divert your attention from more important work :-)

Best of luck, mollusk.

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Thanks for your comment! I'm improving the helpers and adding more information about the signals in the next update.

For signals and signs this website is an excellent (and quite dense) resource. Please see sections 2, 13 and 21. Note that each section has multiple pages and you can access the next one from the bottom right corner (although for sections 13 and 21 the first page contains all the information relevant to the sim).

For driving the trains, see the railcar website. Nothing beats this video though, if you have 20 minutes to spare! The startup procedure has been greatly simplified in the sim but the rest of the video is very useful.

That video is great :-D !

Many thanks for the links, they help clear things up nicely. Keen to see the helper improvement you're adding in the next update as I got a bit overwhelmed when I had them on in non-simple mode: things popping up far too frequently for a relaxing time.

I've just been using the Watch mode to see how the AI handles a route and I have some more questions:

Will there be a way to review the player's past run or runs for each service? I'm just thinking it would be nice to have access to all the end-of-run graphs and scoring breakdowns so the player can get an overview of their last run(s), areas that need improving and progress. 

I also noticed the AI's score replaced mine in the service list because it was higher (no surprise there). But will there be a way to display only the player's best score for a service? I like being able to watch the AI drive, and having a 'good' score to aim for and/or beat, but personally I would prefer to see only my scores listed (and have access to the AI's score for reference). It's sort of like inviting someone to play one of your games and they complete a perfect run and you're forever faced with their name on the highscore table.

Thanks again! mollusk.

At the moment the scoreboard design is such that the AI scores indeed start filling up the board unless you can do better. I do understand your frustration with this and will try to come up with a solution in one the future updates.

The AI's weak points are that it speeds sometimes and is not always very economical. You can often just run in a slightly more relaxed fashion to beat the score.

Having the full evaluation saved for future reference would also be nice, along with a replay of the run! I can't yet say when these could be implemented, but they're on my list now. Thanks for the ideas!

Hah not to worry, no frustration here :-)