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Agree with some of the other comments that this outing was pretty slow going, but as someone who appreciates a good visual novel I wasn't too bothered by that. Having played a large portion of your projects I'd have to say that this is my favourite, really neat art direction. Out of curiosity, any particular reason these projects were scrapped? I'd say they definitely show a lot of potential as far as abstract gaming experiences go. 


Thanks, I appreciate your giving it a go and being patient with it :3 as for why the projects were scrapped... ehhh it's complicated.(sorry)

That being said, nothing is really scrapped for me... I am working on something I cancelled in 2012/13; this project doesn't really resemble the version of it from then, but the idea is there; cancelled games tend to come back in spiritual successor or interpretive forms. using the word "Cancelled" is easier on me, to allow me to properly step away and refresh my mental health(which it always comes down too.) but again, these things are complicated in motivation. I'm really sorry I can't be more accommodating with this info... it just dives into info that I feel I really shouldn't share lest it affect the way the games are seen or reviewed. I'd rather the games not carry my "excuses"; if its not a good game, then I will have to try a different approach next time around rather than explain why its bad, thats for the reviews and gamers to tell me if they want.

Major thing though, I really appreciate you asking; out of minor curiosity or etc... I just am happy to see that people wonder why. also, I really appreciate that you have given my games a try... and left feedback, that really does help; again, I am so sorry I couldn't really answer your question and went on a bit of a tangent... but I kind of feel like I'd rather not have that tangent stay in my head lol.

Thank you again,

Mike :3


I totally respect people feeling the game has a suuuuper slow start, I totally agree. There's a lot of stuff I will do differently if I go for this approach again :3(also, that was a concern I had while developing lol.) I have learned a lot developing this... and from the feedback as well. :3