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Well, thank you, but keep in mind that Adrorium is just a prototipe in pre-Alpha, I just started working on it several months ago so considering the complexity the game doesn't have very much to offer yet because i didn't have time to implement a lot of features but they will come, don't worry. Actually i have a To do list with 105 things that i have to implement and the list is only related to the few aspects i am working right now, otherwise i got thousands of ideas. So if you see a cheap jerry-rigged mechanism in the game it's not because i choose to make it look bad but bc it's a placeholder for a better system that i will be implementing in the future. Adrorium is a very complex game and i don't have time to work on every single aspect at the same time, i take it one step at a time.

The tutorial only allows you to progress to the next step when you changed the sliders to max output(and for the plasma-electricity ratio slider i didn't have time to make it a mission, i considered that ok not to be touched atm). Furthermore the actual plasma/ele. output values are displayed on the console  right to the buttons. Also  it says if you are outputting more plasma or electricity and on engines it's written connect to plasma grid so it should be logic that more plasma+lower electricity output would increase the plasma powered engines). Still i have big plans to redesign the whole tutorial and to implement some warnings when the engines aren't used at max potential but that will come a lot later in development because now i'm concentrating on the core game mechanics. Also the plasme-electricity ratio slider is not counter-intuitive because it's sliding direction doesn't represent how much plasma is produced but how much plasma is transformed into electricity.

P.S. a rudimentary targeting system (for locating  drones/planets/stations) is in that 105 to do's list. Right now i'm working on the multiplayer system.  If you have any sugestions or any problems you find with the game i have a discord server where we can talk.