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I liked your second paragraph. It's interesting.

And I like knowing that those are called "array of sliders description of gender expression and identity".

I agree that I need to make important texts prominent.

I like what you wrote.

I like your inputs on the subject matter.

As for the undivided attention that will make controlling the "snake/long cat" easier, I would like to jokingly argue that I like to keep players busy ;) but yeah, there must be a better design.

As for running into unwanted blocks, there is a secret way to play that can make it less likely to happen. You can eat one block at a time; in other words, you should avoid eating a sequence of blocks, so only one block will regenerate on the board, and you go on to eat that regenerated block; by doing this, you avoid too many blocks scattered everywhere on the board, so running into unwanted blocks will less likely to happen; however, it will be less efficient, because you will need to travel more to accumulate required blocks one by one.

And finally, thank you for playing and thinking carefully!