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Although the romance theme is a bit cliche, but the storytelling is quite entertaining ^^

Somehow, the Friendship and Forgiven ending feels more natural to the plot and the message at the epilogue (and maybe affected by my favoritism to those endings xD ).

Thanks for playing! Glad you like those endings. They were interesting to write and even helped me understand the characters  better myself. 

As for the romance, I guess I didn't portray it very well since it's so vague (and romance is hard to do write in a month haha), (SPOILERS here anybody else reading this) but  Aster's feelings weren't actually a thing until the end. He was new to the whole mislead-through-romance-thing in general which made him act awkwardly and ironically worked in his favour. But  hey, now that I think about it Aster's perspective might be interesting to delve into. Perhaps I'll go back and revise it one day.

... After I I finish my current project though, lol. 

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Oh, I see, your reply brings the light of Aster's origins of his quirky character...

Well then, good luck for your Phantasm(^_^)/