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The characters roles and the interactions to MC are well-written and tangible, assisted with euphonic BGM that very fitting to the event in this novel. "Running out the time" choice is also a nice touch of the plot ^^

(a bit spoiler to the mood of the story) I understand the risk, caution, and consequence of interacting with the monsters and their each unique (if not spooky) nature, so my mind is pretty prepared for the Bad and Worst/Special Death endings and also the respectable "solutions" from MCIP; but still shocked my heart for the irony (I tried not to to imagine about the previous dozens of suitors and non-suitors at the monster's identity card 0_0 )

It's like Hallelujah orchestra suddenly played in my room when achieving the Good one, which concluded sweetly of each others certain problems in finding love :'D

BUT, BOY I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT DISCLOSURE OR THE ABBREVIATION OF MCIP'S DIVISIONS AT THE EPILOGUE! THAT'S THE MOST TWISTED PART OF THIS STORY! HOW DARE THEY DISTURBED THE COUPLES WHO HAD ALREADY BEEN THROUGH WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY !!!! AND THAT EX******** (more spoiler)***..just imagine how broken will MC and Judicael be if knowing the cruel fate of their expected children... please just believe Sixte and his chickadee will be as normal as other couples...  and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, PLEASE THE TWINS AND THEIR LOVER JUST WANT SOME PEACEFUL LIFE SO JUST LET THEM BE & GET FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!! oh my... I think the epilogue would be my sedative of the thrill but turns to a nightmare for weeks (T - T)

Pardon my burst of emotion... anyway, I am waiting for the CGs ;)