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Thank you for replying to my comment, by the way are there any other payment methods, I've never used Patreon, I'm very cconfused:-(

We may have more options in the future, but at this time our setup is just what we have on Patreon and itchio.

Thank you, at the end of this month I will try it in patreon

We greatly appreciate it fedrickZ, thank you kindly!   x3

Hi friends, tomorrow I will try it, can you explain how to transact via patreon, I'm a little confused

You'll be granted access immediately to the content/ tier you join.  The lowest cost membership still gets you new House of Beef every month, the other tiers are well worth looking into too   =3

Ah you were late to reply, but I've joined :)

Can the data in version 1.23 be continued to the next version? Or start over?

Whenever you download a new version of the game, your saves will carry over.  You can safely replace the older versions.   Wherever you're keeping the older version, just allow the files to overwrite them.

Hmmm, playing from the start seems interesting:-D