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Hello my old friend :) (Not sure if you remember me, but I was an old verger from days past) I just so happened to find this by randomly logging into twitter tonight and seeing something on Grue's feed.

I was very much enjoying this, but unfortunately encountered a bug. I saved in Lord Danger's Room after figuring out the first pattern, I missed the second pattern and tried to reload, and I may have broken it by doing so. Now whenever I try to load, it will load the map, but it won't load Hero and just freezes (though the music keeps playing). 

My only real feedback I'd like to offer is it would be really great to be able to see my HP when using a healing item in the menu, as I found myself switching back and forth to see if I needed another potion or if a tonic would just do.

It is a bit difficult, in the beginning and I found myself going through healing items like crazy! But, I did enjoy the challenge.

The graphics are super nice, I love that there are no random battles, and certainly fits its namesake quite well!

It's just after midnight here so I'll crash for the night, but am planning on restarting and trying to get past Mr. Dragon when I'm on here next!

Of course I remember you, Rysen! Thanks so much for stopping by and trying it out!

I've just uploaded a new version... I think it'll make your save at the boss fight work again. Let me know!

Yep whatever you did, did the trick! I enjoyed the ending haha!

I'm actually working on something in good ol' V3 right now with a friend of mine from work....I'm surprised I still remember anything or how to use it, but it always seemed like the only engine I was ever any good at. 

Anyway, glad to see you're still active in game dev. :)