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well please take good care yourself too i wish you better soon <3

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Thank you for the understanding, starstone QuQ)/
Do you have a horror movie recommendation? Maybe something like Devil Elevator, something involving a demon so I can use it as ref x'D


Hi SweetChiel,

If you're looking for movies you could watch, how about Constantine or The Devil's Advocate? It's supernatural with demons and the Devil. I don't know if you could really use it as a reference but you could always try :D and the movies will probably put you in the 'evil/mysterious/demon-y' kinda mood. 

Also a quick tip: you should drink gingertea (and I mean the fresh one from the root) daily, then you won't get a cold ever again (I haven't had a cold in nearly 4 years). I hope you'll feel better soon! <3

Constantine was one of my fave movies in the past! :O I'll definitely revisit it and try my luck at Devil's Advocate! Thank you for the recommendations, Azumi_Ueno! And thanks for dropping by >\\\<

Ginger tea sounds good and warm! OuO I'll try making it later but maybe not very good because I often make my tea too bitter and ended up mixing them with milk to finish drinking them 😂

Again, thanks for coming and dropping me this warm comment!


SweetChiel <3