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It was my pleasure! I'm a lover of Mozart and of visual novels that don't fit the typical mold, and I didn't want to see this work get lost to time. Thanks for creating it. Congrats and good luck on your theater project! It looks like great fun. Definitely something I would have loved as a kid.

If you could send me the full credits for the final episode, that would be very helpful. For some reason the app glitches and won't display them.

Glad that you liked the theater project :-) !
Full credits for the final episode  are ready to be sent: I can post them in a reply here or send to you through email, as you prefer.
In the latter case, send to me a message to fma3110 (the very same username I used here) [at] gmail [dot] com (sorry for writing the email address this way, just trying to avoid email crawlers).