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Thank you so much Boys Laugh!

I have never enjoyed a visual novel so much, I have played this about a month ago and wondered if part two would ever come out. However the Dev logs had given me a new found hope, I was extremely pleased to find out the game was being worked on (and that we were updated every week). I have found it challenging to fill the hole in my soul you guys made with that cliffhanger and I eagerly await for part 2 .

P.S. Don't rush it

P.S.S  Not that you would :)

Thank you! This really means a lot to us <3

We want to make sure that the game turns out good, so don't worry, we won't rush it.
Even so, we'll do our best to finish it soon and comments like this one give us even more motivation to keep going.

So thank you! We're happy you like our game!