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I liked it! Think it needs some work in some areas, especially the level design. I left a critique, though, if that helps.

Hi GrannyJo.

Your critique does indeed help. I'm glad you liked it.  I do agree that there is a long way to go with this project, but first, a slight rebuttal:

  1. The lantern being on or off doesn't affect anything, only if it's light is touching something or not. I'll need to find some way to clarify this somewhere. Perhaps by having one or more puzzles that specifically require you to get close with the lantern on.
  2. Those 'fizzing' lines are actually z-fighting between meshes. I didn't place them correctly in the demo, and now Unity is unsure which one of the overlapping objects to draw first. In this case, it draws both of them, making it flicker as you move. No excuses here. It's entirely my fault for not measuring in whole units. It's a common mistake.
  3. The diamond thing is a crystal. When all of the crystals appear, the door opens. No-one has figured this out without me telling them, so there are things to clarify here also. They do emit a small glow to let you know where they are, but it's almost invisible. A hint wouldn't go amiss, eh?
  4. Did you double click on the door in the second room? I included an animation and sound effect for it shutting, but it's supposed to be impossible to trigger once it's opening/open. This was supposed to be for future levels, but never got used.
  5. You said it lacks visual feedback. Got it. I'll keep what you said in mind.

Thanks for the let's play! I do hope that you can stick with me while I make this idea a reality...