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It's a lot like "Secreta Vitae" But the player isn't the one that fixes it in the end it's the MC, the MC is the one talking and a bit less developed.

MC is short for Main Charactar, and the walls are intangable not invisible.

Yeah, sorry about how bad the game is in general😅, I am pretty new to these kinds of things so i knew it wasn't going to turn out great what-so-ever but I am just hoping the message got through

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I've played quite a few bitsy game and this is better than a lot of them, some of them only have one area, though that doesn't mean it's bad, it normaly has to be really good to justify one area.

Right now bitsy games can be about things: humor, storytelling, choices and puzzles, you can a lot or a few, and there's other things like the looks and atmosphere.

 This is my first game,, I just filled it with humor and the smalist bit of story, if I went for mainly story I would have had to make it longer and more charatars.

I stop making sense a long time ago didn't I?

lol its cool and thanks! I get what you mean :)