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Is the new chapter still in development?  Would love to check it out! 

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Yes, it is. It will be about 20 minutes, so its takes time to make it.  Right now i took a break to find a new ideas for this chapter and did a gamejam you can play it here: (but only if you have 1920x1080 monitor because scaling is buggy and it works only at 1920x1080)

Why i suggest you to play this game because its in the same universe...  When all 7 chapterts of the Darkest Corners will be ready it will all come together.  And also in this new game i made some features that i will try to impliment in new chapter.

Thanks for the heads up, did a gameplay video and a short article on the new game.

Was thinking about covering Darkest Corners too, but if the second chapter's almost done then I'll wait until then. :)

WOW. Thank you! I read the article and completly agry with everything you wrote.

Glad you liked it! It's a very interesting world you've created. Looking forward to seeing more of it! Great work! :)