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Hello there. I'd like to see a logfile that's output after a crash. If you go into PixelCNC's File menu there is a "View Log Files" option that should open up the folder where all of the log files are output. They are named chronologically with the date and time that PixelCNC is started. You should be able to go through them and find one that ends in a crash because it will lack shutdown information at the end of the log file. The last line in the log file after a successful shutdown should say "returning to OS..."

You can copy/paste the contents of a log file that appears to be from a crashed session to and post the resulting link here instead of pasting the log file here on the forum. I should be able to get enough information from the log file to figure out if there's a simple fix for the crashes you're experiencing. Feel free to create more than one pastebin with multiple log files, the more the merrier!